Just talk to people…

Just talk to people… Sometimes we make growth too complicated. Adding new ideal clients all boils down to “talking to people.” Just a couple extra conversations a week can make a huge difference. In this week’s video, I share 3 specific strategies. Do you need help attracting new ideal clients? Click here to schedule a […]

Big Fat IDEAL Client Lie

The big fat IDEAL client lie… “I only take on clients with a minimum of [FILL IN THE BLANK] in investable assets.” This minimum is usually too low. And then there’s a list of footnotes(1)(2)(3) to explain why this really isn’t a true minimum. Better known as excuses. (1) Makes me feel guilty for not […]

Beware of the Foolishness of Marketing Wizardry

Stop it! If you think an expensive marketing gimmick is going to put you on a path to explosive AUM and revenue growth… You’re WRONG. I’ve seen it for years… …audio (then video) business cards …fake books (you just add your picture) …super-secret seminar packages The only thing good about those vanity pieces were the […]

The truth about financial advisor marketing…

When a financial advisor tells me: “My biggest problem when it comes to growing AUM is that I don’t have enough QUALIFIED prospects on my list.” They may as well be saying: “My biggest problem when it comes to growing AUM is that I’m not willing to put in the effort to fill my pipeline […]

Have you mastered the art of the self-introduction?

Imagine this! Tomorrow, you’re going to be interviewed on a show that everyone in your niche market watches. You’ll get a chance to talk about yourself and your practice.You think to yourself, “My phone is going to be ringing off the hook with new clients!”

As the interview begins, you’re given a flattering introduction. Read More

Online Training: Create a Clear Path to Greater Purpose, Productivity and Profits

Attention: Financial Planners and RIAs This might sound shocking to some, but building a 7-figure and higher business is NOT just about adding assets and recurring revenues. It’s also about your purpose. Enjoying your work. And serving clients that truly appreciate the value of your advice. What’s more? Building an awesome practice does not have […]

How does market risk impact your practice?

As a financial advisor, I enjoyed risk conversations. It wasn’t because I was a doomsayer or compliance nut. Risk-related discussions simply helped me offer better advice. Simple, direct questions meant more honest and thoughtful answers. When giving advice, it’s easy to get caught up in percentages, ratios and deviations (investment-speak). Basic to you, but potentially […]

Why Your Unique Client Proposition is Your Best Tool for Generating New Business

“How can I generate MORE leads?” Trick question (or not). I hear it all the time. From established RIAs with hundreds of millions of dollars on their books to financial advisors and planners trying to breakthrough 100 million the first time. “How can I generate MORE leads?” They say… “If I could generate more high-quality […]

Too Busy to Call Prospects?

Are you ever too busy to follow-up with your active prospects? Have you ever allowed a lead to slip through the cracks? Though these may sound like silly questions, I often speak with successful financial advisors whose biggest “problem” is finding time to keep up with their leads. Thanks to referrals, networking and other marketing […]


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