“How can I generate MORE leads?”

Trick question (or not).

I hear it all the time.

From established RIAs with hundreds of millions of dollars on their books to financial advisors and planners trying to breakthrough 100 million the first time.

“How can I generate MORE leads?”

They say…

“If I could generate more high-quality prospects my business would skyrocket. Lead flow is holding me back.”


“When I get in front of good prospects, my closing ratio is close to 100%. But I don’t have enough qualified leads and prospects.”


“What’s the best way to generate leads? Seminars don’t work anymore. Referrals are dead. My prospects aren’t on LinkedIn. Social media marketing takes too much time. Facebook Advertising is too expensive.”

Sound familiar???

Lead flow has become more worrisome than a bear market.

But if you can’t generate leads and bring in new clients when the wind has been at your back for 8+ years…what happens if things go the other way?


You CAN have control.

“How can I generate MORE leads?”…is NOT a trick question.

Every and any advisor reading this post can immediately fix their lead generation problem with one simple solution…

Stop hiding your “Unique Client Proposition”.

UCP for short.

You see…leads don’t fall from the sky. They are the result of your UCP matching up with people who need your help.

When your audience doesn’t know WHAT YOU DO and WHAT PROBLEMS YOU SOLVE…

…they won’t/can’t ask for your help.

So, you’re right…

Your business WILL “skyrocket”…if you have more leads.

Your closing ratio will be close to 100% when you get in front of the “right” prospects.

And the best way to generate leads could be seminars OR referrals OR LinkedIn OR social media OR Facebook Ads.


…you START with your Unique Client Proposition.


…the other way around.


When the self-proclaimed gurus and experts start talking about ways to fix your prospecting and marketing problems…they try to convince you to buy their “proven lead generation system”.

But oftentimes they’re selling hammers when you might need a screwdriver. (Think plate licker lunch and dinner seminars.)

They talk “custom” when what they really offer is “copycat”. (Think ghostwritten, compliance-approved blog posts and newsletters.)

They’re trying to convince you that their marketing wizardry is more important than what you actually do for your clients. (Think CPC, CTR and other cool-sounding lingo.)

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, they rarely ask you to tell them what makes you and your business special. (You know, the thing you’re actually selling.)

Put another way…WHY your most important clients do business with YOU.

Your UCP.

And…if I’m being brutally honest…most advisors (maybe you) can’t quickly put their UCP into words.

For your UCP to work…

For your UCP to become the linchpin of your lead generation efforts…


When you nail your UCP, generating leads becomes second nature.

You’re just left to decide how to use it.

Want to…

…build seminars (or webinars) that are filled to capacity?

…catapult your referrals from clients and COIs?

…become a LinkedIn ninja?

…use FB ads to drive leads?


Need proof???

When you get unqualified prospects from your “Social Security” seminar…it’s because you put a cookie cutter solution in front of the wrong audience.

You didn’t lean into your marketing with your UCP.

When your clients and COIs don’t consistently give you high-value referrals…it’s because they aren’t totally clear on who you serve and how you help them.

You didn’t properly share your UCP.

When no one is accepting your LinkedIn connection requests…it’s because your profile doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

You didn’t leverage your UCP.

When your FB ad campaign (or SEO scheme) feels like a pull on the handle of a high-dollar slot machine…it’s because you’re betting on pixie dust.

You didn’t invest in your UCP.

When your marketing is all about “features”, the real “benefits” of WHO you serve and HOW you help them get lost.

Done right…your UCP lets you put your best you forward.

And that’s what people really want to know BEFORE they give you their name, email address and phone number.

BEFORE they become a valuable lead.


“How can YOU generate more leads?”

Don’t start selling when you aren’t really clear on what you’re offering. If it’s confusing to you, it will be confusing to your audience.

No marketing wizardry will help.

Begin with the end in mind. Make sure your UCP is memorable, repeatable and referable.

That’s the winning ticket for generating high-value leads, prospects and clients.

Need help???  Let’s talk for 15-minutes, we’ll conduct an audit your UCP.

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