Stop it!

If you think an expensive marketing gimmick is going to put you on a path to explosive AUM and revenue growth…

You’re WRONG.

I’ve seen it for years…

…audio (then video) business cards

…fake books (you just add your picture)

…super-secret seminar packages

The only thing good about those vanity pieces were the glamor photos. (You really did look great in that pinstriped suit.)

But now, the leftover materials are filling office closets, garage shelves and landfills.

Today, in our “digital society” the environmental damage isn’t as great.

But the airwaves and the interweb are still being LITTERED with…

…corny cable TV and radio ads

…SEO gobbledygook

…ads that only profit Facebook and Google

…embarrassing websites and LinkedIn profiles

Stop the madness.

Why am I so riled up?

Another message from an advisor spilling his guts.

“Wasted more than $10,000 (and 3 months) on a magic marketing program that didn’t work.”

He wondered…

“Why do I always fall prey to the silver bullets?”

He’s not alone.

In truth, we’re all tempted by silver bullets.

We want quick fixes for the parts of our businesses that are broken.  Or things we don’t enjoy doing ourselves.

But the answers can’t be expensive secret pills that don’t really treat the disease.

Lousy marketing is only a symptom of slow AUM growth.

The real cure lies in creating alignment…

…making sure you’re building the business you really want

…with the ideal clients you really crave

…doing the things you enjoy doing most

…without spending countless hours behind your desk

…and surrounding yourself with awesome teammates

You need a plan that puts first things first.

A plan that draws on your real talents.

And allows you to become the best version of yourself.

A plan is NOT a hyper injection of foolish marketing wizardry.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely!

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