Crazy start to a day. Ten minutes of one-on-one time with a true celebrity of sorts.

You see, at 4:30am, my airport limo driver was none other than “The Peanut Man” of Indians baseball fame. Game after game, year after year, he has served thousands of fans.

The Peanut Man has a booming voice and a warm smile to match.

As he takes your order, he belts out “EXCELLENT“!!!

Then he lobs you a bag of peanuts. Sometimes it’s a fastball. If you’re lucky, he’ll boom “EXCELLENT” again when you make a particularly good catch.

I’ll wait until deep in a game to order my required bag of baseball peanuts if “The Peanut Man” has not made his way to my section. Only the best when you’re an Indians fan. Only peanuts from “THE Peanut Man” for me. (Sorry, you can call me a snob, but standards are standards.)

So, on this quiet morning, as my luggage is being loaded into the limo, I confirm my suspicion: “Aren’t you The Peanut Man?”

“EXCELLENT,” he responds with his typical bravado. Smile glowing affectionately. It seems obvious that he doesn’t like attention. Why else would he disguise himself in a chauffeur uniform?

My heart melts. No one else is waiting for a ride. I would be able to speak with this legend without being disturbed.

Now, because of the sensitive nature of our discussions, I can’t reveal much of our conversation. But I do want to share something very important that I gleaned during our time together.

No matter who your business aims to serve. No matter how small or large a role you may play in your organization. There’s NO SUBSTITUTE for appreciating your customers and treating them as friends.

Selfishly, this makes your work more F-U-N.
Less selfishly, it may have a lasting impact on those you serve.

Sometimes you’re remembered for the small things.

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