Client Care in a Virtual World

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What do your clients really want?

Mr. Big didn’t call very often. More often, he didn’t have time for my calls. And I managed his money. All of it. An eight figure relationship requiring careful planning and attention. Complicated, challenging and rewarding. A dream client by most measures. Mr. Big was a great guy. I valued his business, his countenance, and […]

How does market risk impact your practice?

As a financial advisor, I enjoyed risk conversations. It wasn’t because I was a doomsayer or compliance nut. Risk-related discussions simply helped me offer better advice. Simple, direct questions meant more honest and thoughtful answers. When giving advice, it’s easy to get caught up in percentages, ratios and deviations (investment-speak). Basic to you, but potentially […]

Is your business built around your ultimate clients?

  Your ultimate clients set the direction for your practice. From helping you decide on your service model to building your team to attracting new clients, everything you do becomes easier when you have a clear definition of your ultimate client. That’s why the ultimate client selection process is a core element to my AUM250 […]

Is your story memorable, repeatable and referable?

Where are you today? Does your business stand out from the crowd? Or are you guilty of “me-too” marketing? Let’s talk…I’ll call you. We’ll spend 15 minutes talking about your business during a fast track session.  I’ll show you how to use the AUM250 Roadmap to build a memorable, repeatable and referable story. Click here […]

How to Avoid Prospecting “Near Misses”

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Carl Buechner During a recent coaching call, one of my financial advisor clients relayed a major prospecting disappointment. He had been working on a 7 figure IRA Rollover with a “humongous prospect” for a number of years. When the […]

The Way You Learn Directly Impacts How Much Money You Earn

[TRANSCRIPTION] I want to talk with you about the way you learn. You see, I get on the phone with a lot of advisers who are considering hiring a coach, and I might be part of that consideration, which is great. I love to add new clients, although I carefully choose the clients that I […]

Do you have a simple system to quickly respond to complaints and criticism?

I‘m sitting in a hotel lobby…early Sunday morning. All of a sudden, I hear a commotion at the front desk. “What do you mean I can’t cash a check? I’m an ‘honors’ member. I do it all the time. It’s only $100!” The startled desk clerk, Rosie, responds with the standard “it’s our policy” schtick, […]


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