[TRANSCRIPTION] I want to talk with you about the way you learn.

You see, I get on the phone with a lot of advisers who are considering hiring a coach, and I might be part of that consideration, which is great.

I love to add new clients, although I carefully choose the clients that I work with. I work with a relatively small number of clients. But when I get on the phone and I talk to people about what they’re looking for, one of the things that I hear over and over again is…

“I want a plug and play system. I want somebody to tell me exactly how to do X, Y, and Z so that I can get the results that I’m looking for, whether it’s growing assets, growing fees, building greater teamwork, hiring new team members, being more influential in the community.”

And they want that kind of plug and play method.

You know, that doesn’t work. And it doesn’t work because those other programs are lousy…it doesn’t work because we all learn better when we learn the way that we learn.

You see, some systems that tell you to learn in a certain way are suggesting that everybody learns exactly the same way.

Yet some people need more interaction, some people need more pushing, some people need to be kind of left alone to do some things and have some accountability in the background.

So, I want to encourage you, not because I’m trying to push you to consider working with me–although I would certainly love to get on the phone with you and talk with you about your business–but because I’m serious about helping financial advisors like you grow your practices.

And to do that, you need to think about how you learn.

If you buy into a system or a program that teaches in a way that is opposite to the way you learn, you won’t be successful.

But if you can learn in a way that caters to the way that you think about your business, the way that you can make changes to your business, you’re going to be much more successful.

So, again, I’d love to talk with you, but most importantly, get serious about growing your business, and when you do that…as you do that, think about how you can find a system, a program, a person who can help you learn the way that you learn.

You will be much more successful!


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