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I believe every aspect of your business is impacted by the way you deliver your client experience.

Over the years, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of successful advisors. They made big leaps in their business when they organized their efforts and team around their clients.


Hi. I am Rob Brown, founder of Encore Partners and author of the new book for financial advisors—Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.

For the past almost 30 years, I have worked as a financial advisor as well as having a consultancy that works specifically with financial advisors and their firms helping you look for ways to simplify and grow your business, and that is really the genesis for my book Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.

You see, I believe that every aspect of your business is impacted by the way you deliver your client experience. Get it right—your business grows.

You have more time for stuff outside of the office. Your clients are more loyal. Your team works better together, and I have proven that in the work that I have done at firms like UBS, Morgan Stanley, Raymond James, Scott and Stringfellow, Commonwealth, some of the independent advisors affiliated with folks like Schwab Advisor Services. So I have a lot of experience in a lot of different platforms showing advisors how they can take the way—they deliver service—the way they deliver their client experience to their clients and impact every aspect of your business.

Now as an example when I think about growth, I think about a client of mine, Pat, an advisor with a regional firm who told me that the work that we did together has taken him to levels of success that he didn’t expect. He is now at the highest club levels in his firm because he built his business around ultimate client concepts, focusing first on his clients and building out for there. So for him, growth benefited from delivering the ultimate client experience. That’s just one aspect of your business.

Another big one is time. A lot of advisors that I talk to, at least a first, don’t have time to do everything they’d like to do—the things they’d like to do to grow their businesses, the things they would like to do to improve their investment performance, the things they would like to do to make sure that every one of their clients has an up-to-date financial plan.

But Perry, another client of mine who works with a small firm up in the Midwest told me that by taking the time to implement the concepts that we have built through Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience, he now has more time on his hands than he knows how to handle. For the first time in a long time he can proactively think about where to go to find new clients—something you couldn’t do for a long time. So he has more time, again, because he’s focusing his business around the way he delivers his client experience.

Another big beneficiary of Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience is your clients. I mean obviously your client experience is all about your clients. So if you’re focusing your business around your client experience, they are going to be happier. They are going to know exactly what you do, how you do it, what they can expect from you on a regular basis, and that makes it easier to tell your story and send you referrals. After all, you all know that your best new clients come from referrals. So your clients and your referrals are a beneficiary of thinking about the way that you deliver you client experience.

And finally your team. If you can put your team together in a way that everybody on the team understands how their role in the client experience process plays into the overall running of your practice, running your team becomes simpler. I am working with an independent advisor affiliated, or actually has these assets with Schwab Advisor Services who has taken everything that he does. In fact, his team meetings are all built around concepts that come from Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience. That’s the way he keeps score. And he says his team has never worked better together than it does today. They are more effective. They are growing. They are having more fun. They have more time. So again, taking the time to think about your client experience can impact the way that your team works together—the different roles of the different people on your team.

So those are four key ways that if you take the time to learn how to deliver the ultimate client experience…customize it to your business…you can see your business grow.

Your clients will be happier, you will have more time, and your team will work better together so you’ll have more fun. So keep that in mind. Think about these concepts, and over the next several videos I will get into each one of these topics in a little bit more detail and share some stories with you. Thanks for listening. Have a great day!



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