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How to Get More Time Back in Your Day

time-clockA great question I’m getting as a result of my new book, Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience, revolves around time. A lot of advisors feel stressed out—being crazy busy keeping up with the market, keeping up with the financial plans—and they wonder, “You know, Rob, this ultimate client experience thing sounds pretty good, but it’s going to take more time, and I don’t have more time to do new things.”

You have to remember the core concept behind delivering the ultimate client experience is that when you’re delivering it the right way, it impacts every aspect of your business and that includes your time. If you’re delivering your client experience in the way that you should be, you’re spending your time where it matters most—with your most important clients, with your ultimate clients, with your high-impact prospects. So, if you devote your business to deliver a high level of client service, you actually spend less time in the office, not more time. You have more time to do everything that you need to do in your business and you have time to get away from your business, and that’s critical, too.

On the next video I’ll show you a couple of success habits that lead to this time-saving that comes from delivering the ultimate client experience.

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