Time is Money Hourglass

Most advisors spend well less than half of their time in client-facing activities. They’re not doing the simple stuff often enough…phone calls, reviews, proposals, personal emails, handwritten notes and special events.

This is an expensive mistake.

Client contact is directly proportional to client satisfaction and revenues. The more time you spend with your clients, the happier they become and the more income you make.

Win. Win.

What’s the hang up? No ongoing client communication plan…a simple and consistent system for scheduling and tracking basic client touches.

There are many seemingly logical reasons for this lack of client attention:

The list appears to be endless.

But, in my view, these are merely excuses that get in the way of the most important aspect of practice management.

Client service, delivered the right way, separates high achievement advisors from the rest. I call it delivering the “Ultimate Client Experience”.

Would you like to spend more time with your clients (and increase revenues) in 2014?

Rob Brown, Founder, Encore Partners
Rob Brown

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