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Making Teamwork Work

Hi. I’m Rob Brown of Encore Partners. Thanks for listening in.

If you’ve been listening to my last several videos, you know that the concept behind my new book, Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience, is that when you deliver your client experience to the best of your ability, in a way that your clients truly remember and share it with others, it will have an impact on every aspect of your business.

One of those areas, which I am going to talk about today, is teamwork.

Teaming sounds easy.

Teaming has taken over the industry as we watch more and more advisors and assistants pair up and form larger and larger teams. It makes logical sense, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, because when a lot of teams come together they don’t really think about how to work together on those areas that are their strengths so that everybody is working in unison towards taking care of the client, which ultimately leads to greater loyalty, that growth I was talking about, and saves time.

So in designing the way that you deliver your client experience and improving the way that you deliver the client experience, you have to think about the different roles on your team. Who does what for your clients, and where do their skills really match up with the activities that are essential for what you’re trying to accomplish?

As an advisor, your time needs to be spent doing the high-dollar stuff with clients—giving them advice, going through the financial planning process, explaining new investment concepts. That’s stuff you’re good at and you should be spending as much time doing that as you can. But there are other members of the team who may do things that are more administrative in function or more marketing in function. That’s why you hired them. That’s why they’re part of your team.

So as you think about delivering the ultimate client experience, you have to break it down. You have to understand where each member of your team plays into the way that you deliver your client experience, and leverages the way that you leverage everything else that relates to this concept, so that your business is growing and flourishing year in and year out.

Thanks for listening.



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