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Success Habits for Financial Advisors

Welcome. Rob Brown again here with Encore Partners. Thanks for listening again.

On the last video I talked about the fact that delivering the ultimate client experience will have an impact on your time. If you’re delivering your client experience the way that you should be in a memorable, world-class way, it will save you time. It won’t take more time. You’ll spend your time as an advisor on those things that matter most.

Some of those things that you’re spending your time on are what I call “success habits”, the daily activities that lead to the constant strive for excellence in your business. Excellence in the way that you take care of your clients. Excellence in the way that you grow your business. Excellence in the way that you run your team. Excellence in the way that you aren’t totally caught up in your business and don’t have time for anything else besides your business.

So, think about it. What are those things, what are those activities, you need to do each day and how many of them do you need to do every day to ensure that you’re achieving your goals? That’s one of the critical factors that we talk about in delivering the ultimate client experience. How can I run my business in a way that every day I do those things that are most important? Every day I’m working on success habits.

Early in my career I used a formula. I called it “12 x12, 2×5, plan each day.” It was a simple formula to make sure that I was talking with 12 clients or prospects on a daily basis (actually, a fairly high number by today’s standards). I made sure that two of those contacts, five days a week (2×5), were in-person meetings because in-person meetings drove a lot of what I did. And then I just made sure that I spent 15 minutes planning each day.

Those are all examples of success habits (that’s actually a success formula) that you can build for yourself when you’re building a business around the ultimate client experience.

So, read my book. Take some time learning those concepts so that you can drive your own business through your own ultimate client experience success habits.

Thanks for listening.


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