[Transcription] Hi, Rob Brown of Encore Partners here. Thanks for listening in.

You know, the Encore approach, the method by which I help advisors grow their practices, begins with what I call the “engage stage”, and “engage” is all about really being able to have that big vision for your practice.

It’s about being able to tell your story in a repeatable, memorable, and referable way.

And as I begin to talk with advisors either during a free blueprint or when they come in to my practice as a new client, one of the things that there’s a great temptation on the part of the advisor to do is skip the engage stage, not worry about that big vision, not worry about that story.

But invariably, as advisors think about how they want to grow their businesses; add more high-net worth clients; add more affluent clients; build their referral pipeline—whatever it might be—it all has to start with a clear story.

You know, the reality is you take what you do for granted. In fact, maybe many of your clients take what you do for granted.

And not that what you do isn’t appreciated or not that you don’t feel that what you do is important, but it’s how you articulate what you do in a way that really helps people think of you as being someone that they would like to work with because you’re speaking their language; you have a big picture for the future; you have great confidence in how you can help them.

In fact, you tell your story in such a way, with such passion, with such interest in really helping people, in helping them understand what those deliverables are, what those things are that you do to really help people accomplish their goals, are really important.

And when you bring all of those things together, when you can tell that story with conviction, it makes the rest of it so much easier.

You know, I think a good business all starts with an honest vision about what you’re trying to do with your business, a vision that you can tell in a repeatable, memorable, and referable way.

Can you do that in your business? That’s one of the things I help my clients do.

How can you tell… Whether you’re talking to clients; prospective clients; centers of influence; referral sources; referrals, is it repeatable, is it referable, is it memorable?

That story is the key to unlocking the potential of your business.

That’s something that I help my clients with, and if you’d like some help, let’s get on the phone.

Thanks for listening.


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