To start, let me borrow the disclaimer from Law & Order:  “The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.”

(In other words, I am NOT a recruiter.)

I’m thinking of starting a brand new investment firm…Ultimate Client Advisory Services.  We’ll have a revolutionary pay structure for our financial advisors.  Annual payouts for some advisors could well exceed 100% of the revenues they generate.

They’ll be part of our Chairman’s Council.

Here’s how my comp system will work.  During the course of the year, each advisor will receive a healthy draw.  But every January, we’ll survey all the clients of the firm and calculate final payouts based on client satisfaction.

– The highest rated advisors get the big bucks.

– Middling advisors get a few more dollars.

– And those who land at the bottom of the heap will be lucky to keep their seats.

Competition will be fierce.  In addition to the normal desires to add assets and grow fees, each advisor would fight tooth and nail to score big in their clients’ ratings.

Are you ready to join my new firm?

Well, I’m guessing most readers of this post are thinking you’ll do well under this system.  The advisors who are attracted to the stuff I write take great care of your clients.

But…HONESTLY…you may not really know.

You don’t take time to formally survey your clients.  You only THINK you know what they’re thinking.  In your clients’ eyes your service could be outstanding, mediocre or lousy.

But you don’t REALLY know.

In my new book, “Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience”, I devote a short chapter to this topic.  In fact, I give readers a sample survey they can use to build their own client report cards.

You can review it for free on my website.  If you like it, it’s easily downloadable.

Of course, this is also my way showcasing my book.  It’s filled with immediately implementable ideas.

Done right…executing the Ultimate Client Experience will have a positive impact on every aspect of your business.  You build a stronger team, capture new assets, increase referrals, and eliminate ineffective prospecting.

You owe it to yourself to get a copy.



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