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Rob Brown
From The Desk of Rob Brown
Williamsburg, Virginia
Dear Friend,
You’re constantly trying to “get to the next level” when trying to accelerate asset growth, revenues and profits faster and get more time freedom. But no matter what you do, you constantly get stuck.
I’d be willing to bet, one of these 3 scenarios will sound very familiar to you…
1. You’re sitting at a plateau – you can’t break through with the goals you’ve set out to achieve.
2. Maybe you are experiencing success each month. But you know deep inside… there are things you could do differently. The problem is, you’re not really sure what those things are. So you fall into the same familiar “status quo” routine.
3. Or maybe you are at the very earlier stages, and no matter what you can’t seem to get your head above water and you are struggling to stay afloat…
If you are in any of those categories, trust me, I get it.
I’ve spoken to hundreds of advisors in these scenarios. Not to mention, I also found myself stuck in a rut at each stage.
So yes, I know exactly what you are going through.
In fact, my specialty is helping advisors who are in this exact position; break through to the next level.

But Well Before I Was Helping Others Succeed, I Could Barely Help Myself…

Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, I made a ton of mistakes along the way.

So many times I was ready to just give up…it was bad.
When I first started I out, I didn’t know how to streamline my practice, I didn’t know where my next clients would come from, and I didn’t have a plan to put in place or even a goal to work towards.
Nothing worked out for me. I was ready to quit, and convinced I would never be able to accelerate asset growth, revenues and profits faster and get more time freedom.
I was in a rut. I followed course after course. I was constantly hemorrhaging money. Of course, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?
• You’ve spent money on training and maybe even other coaches which just resulted in wasted time, lost focus and stagnation in your practice.
• You’ve tried a number of different strategies to make money which led to confusion and frustration.
• You’ve even tried offering services which just ended up in minimal exposure with no one seeing your offers.
Like I said, I was sitting in your exact position…

Until One Day, Everything Took A Turn For The Better…

I’d been in the dark for so long, it’s no wonder I was ready to throw in the towel.

But, suddenly it was as if the lights magically turned on.
It all happened when I took a close look at what I was doing to consistently grow my income each month.
Because of this discovery, I’m now able to work on my own time whenever, wherever I want, I can also spend more time with my friends and family stress-free and I’m very lucky in that I can be my own boss and write my own checks.
Now, I’m not here to wag my achievements in your face.
The thing is, I talk to advisors everyday who desire these exact accomplishments.
Advisors just like you. Financial advisors who want to achieve their goals, without making one mistake after another.With zero promise of ever being able to finally accelerate asset growth, revenues and profits faster and get more time freedom.
Back when I was sitting in your position, I would’ve loved to have someone fast track me through all the crap I had to go through.
Getting a direct road map to show me the right way to do things, without wasting so much time and money, would’ve helped me get to this point sooner.
Which is why I’d like to do that for you today when you…

Schedule Your Risk-Free Strategy Session

I’ve helped hundreds of advisors find the keys that unlock doors to business growth.
A single call with me can create mind-shifting ideas for your entire business along with specific strategies for capturing more assets, income and profits.
This complimentary session could help transform your business and your life forever.
The ‘Ultimate Client’ concept has had a profound impact on our firm. By clearly defining the way we deliver service, our clients have become more loyal and they have entrusted us with even more of their assets. If you put Rob Brown’s strategies into action, you win, your team wins, and, most important, your clients win.” – Michael Lutz, CFP®, CEO, Legacy Financial Strategies
“I know how to manage money and work with my clients, but I was looking for more. Rob Brown is my personal coach. I don’t make a strategic decision without checking with him first. My business was growing steadily, but it has really picked up steam since implementing his strategies. I was stuck on how to market my services and was trying different and costly efforts on my own. Rob’s common sense strategies have placed me on a whole new growth level.” – Ron – CFP, CPA, Registered Investment Advisor, Iowa
“What a difference a month can make. Just one of the ideas you gave me during our last coaching call resulted in over $20,000 in new revenues plus I now have more than $300,000 in the pipeline. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” – Laura, Raymond James, Florida

This Isn’t For Everyone. For Those Who Are Ready – Here’s What’s In It For You

  • Imagine your business becoming simpler instead of more complicated…so you don’t feel stuck on annoying things that never seem to go away, and you can focus your time and energy on the strategies that matter most.
  • Imagine quickly getting to that next level of growth, giving you the assets, revenues and income you desire and deserve, as well as building the long-term value for your business.
  • Imagine creating a lifestyle with greater personal freedom, more time for your family and opportunities to make a difference in the world around you.
  • And more…
So, are you prepared to turn your dreams into reality?
Are you ready to stop imagining and start accomplishing?
Would you like to put your sales, marketing and client operations on a trajectory for outrageous success?
I can help.
If you’re ready to discover how to put your business into overdrive, register below to qualify for your Complimentary Strategy Session.
Your answers (held in the strictest confidence) will help us decide if we’re a fit for each other, and  be the basis for our very first conversation.
This fast-paced, no-holds-barred session will be unlike anything you’ve done before.
We’ll peel away the layers, ask tough questions and uncover anything that’s holding you back. You’ll walk away with priories that ensure your next level of success.
Kind Regards,
P.S. P.S. – if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what this was all about, take a look at this webinar recording…”80/20 Time Management For Elite Advisors”

Go ahead and watch it as soon as you can because this page and the free training below will be taken down soon.

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