[Transcription] Simpler is better.

And there is no place where this is more true than when it comes to adding new ideal clients to your practice.   Than when you’re deciding how you will fill your pipeline with the right type of prospects who will help move your AUM to 50 million, 100 million, 250 million dollars and beyond.

And that’s why client attraction optimization is at the foundation of the AUM250 Roadmap.

Hi, I’m Rob Brown, creator of AUM250 Roadmap.  I help advisors and RIAs grow to 50 million, 100 million, 250 million dollars and beyond more simply…without working crazy nights and weekends.  Let me share a perfect example.

Look at the hierarchy of building a practice.  Think about where you are today.

As you do this, I’m reminded of a client I was working with not too long ago who was in that second level…achieving. His business was a bit inconsistent.  He was feeling like he was achieving because he had passed over the 50 million dollars in assets under management mark.

But he was still overwhelmed.

He wasn’t bringing in new ideal clients consistently, client acquisition was inconsistent.  Some days he’d bring in the million dollar relationships he was really looking for…other times they were smaller.  He accepted smaller relationships that he really didn’t want to take on for the long run.

He felt like he needed to do it because he didn’t have a system for attracting ideal clients.

So, we dug into the foundational level of AUM250 Roadmap and calculated his future client equation. We did some simple math that showed him how to really get from point A to point B, when it came to growing his business.  He didn’t need to add the volume of clients that he was thinking that he needed to add.

He was trying to add 25 to 35 new relationships every year. He felt like his prospect pipeline needed to have hundreds of prospects.  When we did the math, when we looked at the systems that were allowing him to best attract ideal clients, we realized that he only needed to bring in a dozen ideal clients each year.  This meant he only needed to have 25 to 30 good solid prospects in his pipeline.  Next, we developed a client attraction optimization plan that narrowed down his prospecting activities.

He only needed two or three strategies for bringing in new clients.

He got rid of a bunch of stuff.

He stopped spending money on seminars that weren’t working. He stopped wondering if he should take those calls from people who wanted to rebuild his website, causing him to spend thousands of dollars, wondering if that would help him bring those clients.

We cut it down to a couple of things that, frankly, didn’t cost any new money at all.

They only required that he changed some routines in the ways that he was interacting with his clients and prospects. That’s the power of the AUM250 Roadmap. It helps you focus in at that foundational level…on your future client equation.

It’s a must step if you’re serious about getting to 50 million, 100 million, 250 million dollars and beyond.

And it’s why we should hop on the phone.

I’d love to spend 15 minutes with you talking about your business…where you are today, what you’re doing when it comes to client acquisition.  Helping you map out a process, a system that will help you do it more quickly and easily and less expensively.

I hope to talk to you soon.

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