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“Give me three months and I’ll help you accelerate your asset growth, revenues and profits faster than anything you’ve ever done before…plus, you’ll get time back in your days.”

Dear Financial Advisor,

Please allow me to start off by asking you five critical questions:

  1. Do you want to increase your business by 30% or more in the year ahead…no matter the direction of the financial markets?
  2. Do you want to work only with clients you truly enjoy…your ultimate clients?
  3. Do you want to be sure your client care and communication plans will build loyalty, increase the assets you manage and grow your referrals?
  4. Will your marketing, prospecting and social media plans REALLY improve your new business results?
  5. How will you get everything done and still have more time for friends, family and fun?

These can be tough questions to ask yourself; they can be even tougher to answer. And that’s where I can help. Over the 29 years I’ve spent as a financial advisor and coach, I’ve developed a special talent for helping advisors transform their businesses.

And we have achieved amazing results in as little as 90 days!

One of my newest clients just told me…”The first call with you was amazing…an immediate payback of my investment.” It was a classic example of not seeing the forest for the trees.  One small tweak led to a boatload of opportunities for new business and major reduction in stress.

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy coaching…simple concepts turn into immediate results.

Another client recently grew his new business pipeline from less than $4,000,000 to over $20,000,000 in fewer than 60 days. He told me…”You showed me how to unlock a hidden treasure in my business.  And it was a lot easier than I thought…thanks.”

It’s NOT rocket science or outlandish gimmicks; just proven techniques that can mean the difference between a good year and a breakout year.

Plus, it’s all centered around your most important assets…your clients.

Michael Lutz, Legacy Financial Strategiesquote-mark-smThe ‘Ultimate Client’ concept has had a profound impact on our firm. By clearly defining the way we deliver service, our clients have become more loyal and they have entrusted us with even more of their assets. If you put Rob Brown’s strategies into action, you win, your team wins, and, most important, your clients win.”

— Michael Lutz, CFP®, CEO, Legacy Financial Strategies

Michael has taken advantage of my business accelerator techniques  We’ve had a lot of success. Do you think you could benefit from this kind of help? If you do, there’s good news.

I have a handful of openings in my Private Coaching and Mentoring Program…and you’re invited to apply for this very special 3-month program.

We Can Begin to Transform Your Business Over the Next 90 Days

I help each member of my Private Coaching and Mentoring Program develop and begin implementing a customized Action Plan. This is NOT cookie-cutter training. Depending on your priorities, we’ll spend time on some or maybe even all of these goals:

What results should YOU expect?

The time and money you dedicate to my Private Coaching and Mentoring Program is an investment in yourself. You should expect:

(Warning:  This program is NOT a magic bullet solution. The success of my clients is a combination of great coaching AND their commitment to achieve their goals. Only apply if you’re committed to transforming your business.)

Join an Exclusive Group of Elite Advisors who have Worked with Me to Transform Their Businesses

You get your business acceleration plan including:

Apply Now for 3 Months

Ron Dickinsonquote-mark-smRob Brown’s approach to the ‘Ultimate Client Experience’ is a road map that takes the reader to the promised land of how we should all be running our business and serving our clients. By working with Rob, I’ve moved my business from one with satisfied clients and limited referrals to one where my only problem is keeping up with the growth.”

— Ron Dickinson, CPA, CFP®, MPA-Tax
Dickinson Investment Advisors

A Little More about Your Coach (me)


I am the founder and head coach of Encore Partners – an organization that is committed to innovation, success and fun in the financial services industry.

My passion is working with financial advisors and their teams to help them achieve higher levels of success.

I wrote a book for financial advisors to improve their businesses called Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.  This book stems from my observation and coaching of successful advisors.

I have over 29 years of “real world” experience as an advisor. My team and I received accolades from our clients and our peers. Consistently ranking in the top 10%.

My experience also includes executive management with an investment brokerage and advisory firm where my responsibilities focused on helping advisors grow their practices through coaching, training, fee-based initiatives, technology enhancements and wealth management strategies.

I have coached and mentored hundreds of advisors through seminars, speaking engagements, web courses and customized training programs.

Get Started Today

Apply for my 3-month Private Coaching and Mentoring Program by clicking here and submitting your payment of $2,500. If you’re accepted, I will notify you of your admittance (I only have a handful of openings) as soon as possible. If you miss the cutoff, you’ll also be notified and I will NOT process your registration payment.

Remember, you get:

Apply Now for 3 Months

Please call me directly at 757.645.1525 if you have any questions.

All the best-


Rob Brown, Founder, Encore Partners


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