My friend and client Ron stopped by my house on Sunday.  He was on a bike ride with his son and one of their friends.  But this wan’t your typical “drop in”. 

rons bikeThese guys were launching a crazy 4,200 mile cross-country biking adventure.

Starting just down the rode from where I live in Virginia, they will end up in Oregon.  According to Ron, “If we average 65 miles a day for 6 days a week, we should accomplish our goal in 11 weeks.”  All told, they’ll spend about 90 days on the back of a bike. 

My legs cramp just thinking about peddling that long.

For Ron (successful RIA and CPA) that’s 3 months away from the office.  It’s his dream. He’s swapping a comfy leather desk chair for a for a stiff leather bike seat.  Instead of coffee breaks, he’s in for trips into the woods with a roll of toilet paper. This is Ron’s idea of time away. 

Yours is probably different. 

Can you imagine a 3 month vacation?  Can you picture… 

…taking 90 days away from everyday life to pursue a personal passion 

…truly living out a Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG) 

…putting a huge check mark next to one of the craziest ideas on your bucket list 

Ron can. 

Why?  He had the nerve and confidence to dream.  He planned for the dream.  And he built his business in a way that his dream could become a reality. 

Ron really got me thinking about some of the ideas we’ve shared over the years.  One BIG thought leaped out… 

Gaining control over your time and your business is NOT an accident. 

Dreaming big and daydreaming are not the same thing.  You can’t let your dreams turn into procrastination.  You need to have a firm mental picture of your future success.  And live your life like you KNOW it’s going to happen. 

True freedom is the result of understanding what matters most…the big stuff as well as the day-to-day stuff.  And then having the wisdom to prioritize and follow through.  

After all, pushing dreams aside is a recipe for an unfulfilled life.

[I initially wrote this story in 2014, but was reminded of this “bike ride” during a recent conversation with Ron (he’s still a client) and decided to repost it here on my blog.]


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