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How to Get New Clients

I’m often asked: “How do I get more clients?”

It may surprise you that in most cases you don’t need a lot more new clients. You need the right new clients. And you need to know how to leverage your service and current client base to get those top clients.

Hey. Rob Brown of Encore Partners here.

In response to my new book, Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience, I’ve had a chance to talk with a lot of you—a lot of financial advisors—about the concept of delivering a high level of client service. And a quick response I get is, “Rob, we get the client service thing. Enough of that already. We need new clients. We need more affluent clients.” And I get that, but in reality, I believe that if you’re really delivering the ultimate client experience—a client service model that is repeatable, one your clients understand and appreciate you share with others—your business builds on its own, because your client experience is a growth model. It helps you grow. So as I talk with advisors I take on new coaching relationships.

One of the first things we talk about is: Do you really need new clients? And if you do, do you need as many as you think you do? Most don’t. It’s just a matter of leveraging the way that you work with your best relationships. I call those your ultimate relationships. When you’re delivering the ultimate client experience to your ultimate clients, your business grows on autopilot.

But for those of you who need a little push, need a little bit of help gathering referrals, I’ll talk about that in our next video.

Thanks for listening.



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