A few weeks back, I was in a room full of very successful entrepreneurs.  You’d love to have these folks as your clients.  For many financial advisors, they would be “ultimate clients”.

…Major league internet gurus

…Owners of mind-blowing manufacturing businesses

…Inventors with real, money-making inventions

…Consultants, authors and experts of all types

During my portion of this exclusive mastermind session, I was talking about my new book (Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience).  And we got onto the topic of client service.  Suddenly, one of the sharpest guys in the room decided to conduct a flash poll.

“How many of you need a financial advisor like the one Rob described?”

EVERY hand went up.

Then he asked, “How many of you currently have a financial advisor?”

Fewer than half raised their hands.

Then he asked the BIG question:  “How many of think your advisor is doing a good job?

Less than 25% of the group raised their hands. So only a minority claimed to work with an advisor they thought was doing a good job.

I couldn’t help but ask “why”?

Here’s what I heard over and over again…


I felt myself turning red with embarrassment.  As a huge advocate for financial advisors, these comments were alarming.

Maybe there’s a reason advisors get such bad press.

But it’s easily AVOIDABLE.  In fact, real pros can take advantage of this disconnect.  It all starts with the clients you choose and the way you deliver service.

How do you put it into action?

My system is called Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.  Done right…it will have a positive impact on EVERY aspect of your business.  You can…

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