Each year, I ask my clients a series of questions to help them measure their progress.  This year, I thought I’d share these questions with you.

There are 9 questions in all.

Here’s the 1st one…

Thinking about your most important activities and business drivers…Are you getting more done in less time or do you still struggle with your daily routines? 

Advisory practices can’t grow stronger if productivity is lagging.

Whether you’re looking at your own productivity as the leader of your team.  Or the productivity of your team…

…you need a system for continuous improvement.

Just think about it in terms of time.

What would happen if you were able to get an hour or 2 back in your day?


It could mean you finally have time to…

  • deliver true A-plus service to your clients
  • implement new client acquisition routines
  • breakaway from the office at a reasonable hour
  • take better care of yourself

You’d end up with…

  • more referrals and introductions
  • more new clients
  • more time for family and fun
  • and a totally different outlook on your business

And you’d give up…overwhelm…exhaustion…burnout.

That’s a great tradeoff!

So…think about your 2017 results…are you getting more done in less time?

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