Hey. Rob Brown of Encore Partners here.

I want to talk with you about something that’s really close to my heart.

It’s telling your story in a meaningful, repeatable, referable way.

You see, over and over again, I see advisors and clients begin to take each other for granted.

As an advisor, you know who your clients are, you know their preferences, and you just kind of do things for them over and over again in the same way, in a way that’s not memorable.

It gets boring. And, at the same time, your clients sometimes take you for granted.

They don’t realize that you’re doing stuff for them every single day, whether you’re talking to them or giving them advice or not.

Again, because it’s not meaningful, they don’t know how to repeat what you do if they were to talk to somebody else.

So, I think it’s incumbent upon you to think about the way that you deliver your client management process, the way you manage money or manage financial plans, the way you deliver your client experience, the way you take care of your clients.

You need to be able to articulate that in a meaningful, repeatable, referable way.

When you get that right, that means you understand the essence of your business.

You understand those things that really drive you to do for the clients who fit your practice the best to get it done.

And, on the flip side, your clients know what you do because they understand it.

It’s repeatable.

If they talk with a friend who’s looking for an advisor, they can say why that referral, that potential referral to you, should be made, because they can repeat what you do. So, it’s meaningful, referable, and repeatable.

I was working with a client a couple of months ago. He was actually moving his business to a new firm. He was starting his own RIA firm after being with an independent firm for years.

He was afraid of the move. He told me… he actually left me a voicemail one day saying,

“Rob, I want to tell you. I love that idea. Meaningful, repeatable, referable.” He goes, “I wake up every day thinking that, because I go to talk to my clients and ask them to join me in this new firm.”

It’s not going to be easy.

Lots of paperwork, lots of headaches, lots of questions. I just want to help them understand that what I’m doing is important, and I can say it in a way now that is meaningful, repeatable, and referable.

I know I’ve repeated this a lot, but think about the way that you talk about your business.

How do you describe the value that you deliver?

How do you describe your client experience?

How do you describe your client management process?

If you’re not doing it in a way that is meaningful, repeatable, and referable, you may be missing the boat.

You may be missing lots of opportunities.

So, stop for a second after you listen to this video and think about it.

Is my story meaningful, repeatable, and referable?

If it’s not, maybe you need some help. I can help you with that, but that’s not the purpose of this video, because you could do it yourself if you really take it to heart.

Thanks for listening.


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