“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

I love this quote.

It speaks to the importance of preparation.  Focusing on the stuff you do when nobody else is watching.

The routines that separate champions from wanna-bees.

Your “training” gives you your edge.

A big part of your “training” should be your daily success habits.  The rituals that turn you into the best version of yourself.

The commitments you make to yourself.

When you instill the right success habits, you expand your potential beyond anything you may have imagined.

I help my clients uncover and implement their unique success habits.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed…

…Businesses growth rates double overnight.

…Tired, defeated spirits turn into healthy, happy human beings.

…Burned out career-doubters become high-energy performers.

…The rejuvenation of wrecked relationships.

…Dysfunctional teams develop into dream teams.

And this list could go on and on and on.

Simple commitments.

Life-changing results.

Daily success habits are a cornerstone for living your best life.

Right here.

Right now.

How do you get started?

Here’s a quick 4-step introduction…

1.) Start your day with a boost to your brain.

And I am not talking about coffee or Red Bull.

The things you do in your first hour of waking will set the tone for your day.  So, don’t dive into the news or other people’s priorities (texts and emails).

This is YOUR hour.

If you always feel like you’re rushing in the morning, you may have to set your alarm clock for an hour earlier.  It will be worth it.

Build in exercise.

Doesn’t have to be triathlon training.  Enough to get your heart going and maybe a little sweat.

Meditate or pray.

I like to thank God for all the good that’s going on in my life.  Pray for myself and others.  And decide how I’m going to be a giver that day.

My mantra: thank, pray, give.

And I like to journal my thoughts…put them in writing.

Read something that inspires you.

(Videos, podcasts and audio books are okay.  But I’d recommend airplane mode.)

Look for topics that focus on leadership, productivity, faith and spirituality as well as expanding your knowledge on personally important subjects.

Inspire yourself to become an even better version of the amazing person you already are.

Your success habits should begin with the way you start your day.

Boost your brain.

2.) Plan with confidence.

Daily planning is essential.  You need to decide with as much certainty as possible the way you’ll fill your day.

How will you fill the hours that are not already scheduled?

I use a method that I call:  Delete, Delegate, Do.

I look at my notes and my to-do list and delete stuff that shouldn’t be there.  We all tend to assign ourselves tasks that don’t matter.

Don’t save needless actions, delete them.

Next, I decide what to delegate.

You can’t do it all, even if you think you’re a superhero.  There are other people in your life and business who can help you.

That’s what they’re there for…don’t underestimate them.

And if you’re regularly running into stuff that you really can’t delegate. And you know you shouldn’t be doing it yourself…hire virtual help.

My team includes folks from Upwork and Fiverr.

Finally, I decide what I need to do myself.

Today’s stuff goes on today’s calendar.  I schedule it just like I would an appointment with a client.

And future stuff gets assigned to a day in the future.

Daily planning is a second critical component of success habits.

Plan with confidence.

3.) Don’t give up control.

You’re in high-demand…whether you know it or not.

Callers, texters, emailers and teammates all want to steal your time.  They want you to feel like you’re at their beckon call.

You’re not.

Schedule your technology time.  Turn off needless notifications.  Eliminate time-sucking apps on your smartphone.

Block off time to return calls and messages.

Hold a daily powwow with your team.  It’s a great technique for avoiding disruptions.  Just 15-minutes in the middle of the day.

Powwows establish priorities.  They help keep control.

Your success habits must include the way to control your day.

Never give-up control.

4.) Create a touchpoint equation.

Clients, prospects and influencers help drive your business results.  So, you need to develop an equation for daily touchpoints.

Consider client meetings, calls and messages.

How many daily touchpoints do you need to keep your commitments?

Same goes for filling, building and closing prospects in your pipeline.

How many prospect touchpoints do you need each day to reach your growth targets?

What about your influencers?

Other professionals.  Business, personal and social connections.  The folks who will help you grow your business…if you let them.

Are they part of your daily outreach touchpoints?

Daily touchpoint commitments are essential success habits for businesses that run and grow like clockwork.

Create a touchpoint equation.

That’s it.

A 4-step introduction to success habits.  Guaranteed to help you unleash the very best version of you.

Do you want to be a champion?

Do you want to build the life and business you’ve been created to lead?

Then implement your own success habits.

Focus your “training” every day.

You’ll never regret it.

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