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Sometimes we get in our own ways. We keep ourselves from seeing, believing and achieving the goals and dreams we have for our businesses and lives. Here’s a quick video to help “level up”.

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Rob Brown, Author and Financial Advisor CoachThere’s a reason athletes and top executives have coaches … because coaches help them perform better.

A good coach can correct mistakes and draw out talent that the student didn’t even know they had.

And here’s the thing, coaches aren’t just for athletes or executives, anybody can benefit from having a coach or mentor, including financial advisors.

How do I know?

I’ve hired and fired coaches for years.  For myself and for other advisors.  You name the leading coaches and the training programs in the industry… and I’d bet I’ve worked with them in one way or another.

Some of them are great. Most suck.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve followed some pretty bad advice in my career.  Cost me thousands.  Wasted loads and loads of time.


When I’ve gotten it right… my business has skyrocketed.

Whether I was trying to improve my personal productivity, increase my fee-based revenues and assets under management, develop a solid team, improve my leadership skills or a myriad of other things…

…the periods of breakout improvement included a rock-solid mentor.

I believe that a top-notch coach paired with an open-minded student is a 10x ROI or more equation!

That’s why I do what I do today!

If you want to unlock the key to your next level of success …

…if you are struggling to add new ideal clients and grow your business …

…if you want to save time and eliminate stress and inefficiency in your business …

If you want to overcome obstacles and increase your profits…

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But if you’re okay with status-quo… unwilling to look at your business through a different lens …just not motivated to improve… you may as well stop reading this page.

We’re probably not going to be a good fit for each other.

Real results require serious intent… success is not an accident.

That’s why I’ve developed a reputation for using this experience as well as my past (in-the-trenches) experience as a top-performing advisor to provide quick and clear insights and RESULTS.

I’m not a coaching generalist.  Or an inexperienced “staff” trainer.

When you hire my company, you hire me!

You add 30 plus years of proven performance to your team.

I believe I’m the best in the business.

But don’t just take my word for it. Why not listen to what my actual clients have to say?

“Doubled Our Company”
michael-lutz-legacy-financial-strategies-1“So the last really nine months we’ve gone from about a ninety-five million dollar to about a two hundred million dollar company.”  “He understands the day to day…unique vision with where the whole thing is going industry wise.”

“I kind of treat Rob as my chairman of the board…for me as the CEO of the company it’s a good person (Rob) to have that can constantly challenge thinking and the ideas that I’m exploring.”
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Michael Lutz, Legacy Financial Strategies

“Income Went Up $100,000”
Ron Dickinson
My income went up $100,000 over night from one project we did together…and that’s permanent.”  “He’s very, very knowledgeable about the industry….from the broker dealer world to independent registered investment advisories like myself … a little joke I’ve had lately with Rob it’s like, ‘You’re right again’.”

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Ron Dickinson, CPA, CFP, Owner/Wealth Advisor, Dickinson Investments

Let Me Help You Write YOUR Next Success Story!

We can focus on your entire business or on a specific area of your business – it’s up to you.

My ENCORE Method is a complete system for taking advisory practices, wherever they may be today, to their highest levels of success.

Here are some areas where we could begin our focus…

“In Much More Control of My Business”
Richard Morrow
“Rob was a producer and a manager. He understands what you are doing… he’s going to challenge what you’re doing if it’s wrong. He’s going to make you aware of what you need to do achieve your goals.”  “Thanks to Rob, I feel that I am in much more control of my business.”  “If you want to grow your business in an efficient manner relatively quickly, he is who I would hire.”

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Richard Morrow, Senior Vice President/Financial Advisor, Wunderlich Securities

Not sure where to start?

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A few more words from my clients…

“Amazed at how you were able to deconstruct what I am doing in my business and offer spot on advice…a tick above extraordinary.”
“You are helping us grow our effectiveness to communicate with our prospects and clients. Thanks for leading the way for us. You have been the spark to a lot of creative energies throughout our team.”
“Rob’s advice isn’t theoretical – it’s practical. He doesn’t just talk about the ‘why,’ he talks about the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ based on real-world, proven techniques. The advisors in our organization who have chosen to follow Rob’s advice are now delivering consistent service, getting more referrals, and spending less on client acquisition, building more efficient and successful teams that are poised to grow substantially.”
“Rob’s common-sense approach to delivering client service is refreshing. No outlandish, high cost tactics – he keeps it simple and makes it actionable. I would not be at the level I am without his diligent approach and expertise!”

“You ask the tough questions.  And you have the experience to back it up.  I got an amazing amount of direction from our call.  It would take most coaches hours to dispel the ideas you generated for me in 15 minutes.  You’re at the top of your game.”
“I thought we’d double our AUM in 5 years, but I was wrong.  We’ve more than tripled our assets and our revenues in less than 4 years.  You help me see things more clearly.  When we have a challenge, you help settle the waters.  You ask the right questions and help us set direction.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.”
“Rob Brown’s approach is a road map that takes the advisor to the promised land of how we should all be running our business and serving our clients. By working with Rob, I’ve moved my business from one with satisfied clients and limited referrals to one where my only problem is keeping up with the growth.”
“By clearly defining the way we deliver service, our clients have become more loyal and they have entrusted us with even more of their assets. If you put Rob Brown’s strategies into action, you win, your team wins, and, most important, your clients win.”



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