Watch this video to the end and you’ll receive a great technique that you can put to work in your business today.

A technique that helped one of my clients grow his assets under management by 50% in about 90 days and there were no gimmicks.

Before I get into the details, I want to talk with you about a shift in thinking that my client Gary needed to make.

You see, Gary knew that his best new clients came from referrals, but he wasn’t receiving a steady flow of high quality referrals because he was using an old fashioned, “Who do you know?” approach to talking about referrals.

I helped Gary think about referrals in terms of advocacy.

Those people who want to help you succeed. They have an inexplicable desire to see your business grow stronger because you do good things for them. They can be your clients. They can be centers of influence, family, friends, social connections, but we all have them.

What we have to do is we have to help those advocates understand the advocacy process. How they can give back to you for the things that you do for them. It’s very straightforward and they love doing it, but they need to know that you’re open for new business. Not all advocates know that you’re open for business.

They need to know the specific type of people that you would like to work with. It narrows down the thinking process and gives you better quality referrals. Gary turned this into a 90-day challenge.

Gary turned this into a 90-day challenge.

During the first 30 days he did a bunch of research. He uncovered the names of people that he wanted to be introduced to that he felt his advocates would know. During the next 30 days he met with his advocates, talked about the advocacy process; this change that he was making in his business.

He talked about the people that he had uncovered during his research. They gave him great feedback, so that during the final 30 days, he could meet with those referrals and turn them into clients.

His assets under management grew from around 50 million to a little over $75 million. A 50% increase in about 90 days.

It worked big time. His assets under management grew from around 50 million to a little over $75 million. A 50% increase in about 90 days. That was awesome. The best thing is you can do this too and you can start today. Think about the people that you have on your calendar or you’re going to call in the days couple of days.

Are they potential advocates for your business? I bet they are. Think about the people or research the people that they might know, so that when you’re having your meeting, when you’re having that conversation, you can talk with them about the advocacy approach, about how they can help you grow you business.

They’ll be happy to do it because people liked being asked for their advice. Then, just shut up. Listen to what they have to say about those names that you’ve put in front of them. They’ll probably come up with some more. Then, it’s just a matter of following up with those referrals.

Again, talking with them about how you’re growing your business using advocacy based referrals is very professional and stands out. They’ll want to do business with you and I’ll bet you’ll have success similar to Gary.

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