“How to Grow Your Financial Advisor Business in Less Time”

Dear Financial Advisor,

Providing superior client service is perhaps the greatest missed opportunity among financial advisors today. Nearly three decades of being a top producer and training hundreds of financial advisors has proven time and again that basics matter.

Stop for a moment and consider these statements:

To some, these phrases state the obvious. After all, top advisors leverage these concepts every day; they work hard to spend as much time with their clients as possible. Unfortunately, most advisors spend less than half their time in client-facing activities. What’s more, the majority of financial advisors lack a client communication plan – a simple calendar for scheduling and tracking basic contacts.

Sure, there are many seemingly reasonable excuses for this lack of client attention. From poor organizational skills to a shortage of time to lack of financial resources, the list appears endless. Yet, this one area of practice management separates many high achievement advisors from the rest.

When you have a good system, gathering new assets and referrals from your current clients can be simple. When you deliver a high level of service, your clients will:

  1. Add to their existing holdings
  2. Buy new products and services
  3. Give you high-quality referrals

We provide the tools and training to reach your ultimate clients and achieve superior service. The results will be astounding. You win, your clients win, your firm wins.

P.S. Providing superior service also helps you stand the test of time. When the market hits a downturn, your clients are less likely to “jump ship” because you have delivered a service level that builds exceptional loyalty and trust.



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