Do you ever leave the office feeling defeated like you didn’t get anything done even though you were busy the whole day?

Well, I want to give you a technique during this video that I call, “Don’t let the dishes stack up”.

It’s a great tip that you can put to work today that will help you get time back in your day.

Before I get into those details, I want to give you some background. You see, I’m a bit of a time management junkie.

I like to get the most out of my day, and I love watching successful people who are highly productive.

I love learning their techniques and seeing if that will apply to me, or to the people that I coach and mentor.

In fact I wrote a paper that you can have access to, I’ll talk about that later called, “The six daily success habits of world class advisors”.

The sixth technique in that paper is, “Don’t let the dishes stack up”.

What I mean by that is, there is a lot of clutter around you, a lot of stuff that distracts you even though you may not think that it does.

It’s all of those unopened emails in your inbox that you tell yourself, well I’ll get to those at some point, but they stack up day after day.

It’s the piles of magazines and newspapers and research reports sitting on the floor behind your desk that you’re afraid to throw away.

You’re telling yourself, I need to look into those to make sure there’s nothing important that I’m missing.

They end up stacking up week after week, and they’re weighing on you whether you realize it or not.

It’s really a mental weight that you need to get away from. That stuff doesn’t matter, if it’s been sitting there for days and weeks, it doesn’t matter.

At the end of each day, look at that new stuff that’s coming to your inbox, whether it’s the paper inbox on the corner of your desk, or the email inbox.

Quickly go through it and just delete stuff, delete, delete, delete, it’s okay to do it.

If it’s really important it will come back to you.

I’m not saying delete emails from clients, or from prospects, or personal stuff that’s important to your business, but all that clutter that comes in.

You need to get rid of that on a daily basis.

When I meet with elite advisors and look at how they are processing stuff on a daily basis, and I look at their inboxes, I look at their desks, they’re clear, they don’t let that clutter build up, and you shouldn’t either.

I promise you that if you take time to do that every day, implement this small success habit into your business, you’ll get time back in the day, and when you leave the office at the end of the day you’ll feel as if you’ve gotten more done.

Obviously this isn’t the only thing that you can do, but it’s a simple thing that you could do starting today.

To learn more, I would encourage you to get free access to The Simplicity Pledge.

It’s a tool that helps advisors get more done in less time while increasing their profitability and having more fun.

In that report I cover all six of the world class daily habits of elite advisors. You’ll want to look at that, because I want to be your partner in success.

Thanks for listening.


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