Hi. Rob Brown of Encore Partners here.

I want to talk with you about something I think is vitally important, and missing big time in a lot of advisors’ practices, and it’s having a big goal, a real purpose for running your business.

You see, it is so easy to say that you do this because you want to help your clients achieve their goals, and you get into this humdrum, “me too” way of doing business where you really aren’t excited about what you do.

You care about your clients, but you don’t really, really care about them.

You like your practice, you like the business that you’re in, but you don’t love it.

Some days, coming to work is a real drag, and you let a lot of outside things get in the way.

You hear this stuff about potential DOL regulations.

You hear stuff about which way the market is going and it’s like, oh, man, should this be easier?

Well, it is easier when you have a big goal, when you know what you really want.

So, I want to challenge you right here and now: Stop after watching this video.

Don’t go any further until you spend 15 minutes–just 15 minutes–brainstorming, thinking about what you really want from your business and what you expect to give others through your business.

What do you really want it to look like a year from now, two years from now, five years from now?

Will it just be something that you are okay with, or will it be something that you’ll be proud of, that will be like an inheritance that you can pass along to your kids and your grandkids, not because they get into the business but because the stories and the accomplishments are so rich?

I believe you want a lot more from yourself. I know that from the advisors that I speak with.

They want to make something of the business that they’ve chosen, but it all starts by having a big, clear goal, a real purpose that you can build everything else around.  

So, stop, take a few minutes–take fifteen minutes–and spend some time thinking about your future.

Plant that vision in your head. It has a funny way of happening when you think about it every day, day in and day out.

This is what happens when I do the stuff that I’m doing today.

It may seem humdrum today. It may seem boring today, but I’m working for a greater purpose, a meaningful purpose that will make a difference in my life, the life of the people in my family, in my community, those clients that I touch.

You are in an awesome business.

You are in a position to make a difference in the lives of lots and lots of people.

Don’t take it for granted.

Thanks for listening.


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