We are looking for an Exceptional Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator who is one step ahead, gets things done and believes in going the extra mile!

Team focused…we are a small business doing big things.

Our clients love us because we care and produce results.  Here’s what they’re saying.

We are a strategic coaching and consulting business serving elite financial advisors.  We are looking for the ideal Executive Assistant to the Founder/CEO. This person will be his right hand, helping him manage projects, coordinate marketing and get some professional and personal tasks done.

This position will not be a good fir for divas or prima donnas.

Rob Brown
Rob Brown, Founder and CEO

The CEO has high expectations.  Teammates enjoy his leadership style.  You’ll be treated very well and you’ll be recognized and rewarded when you do a good job.

Our goal is for you to stay working for us for at least the next 5 to 10 years.  The CEO’s last assistant worked with him for over 18 years (until he sold his business).  The successful candidate will have  opportunities to grow and earn more money over time.

The CEO is extremely passionate, driven and committed to extraordinary service.  In fact, his latest book focuses an taking care of clients (Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience).  The candidate hired will be the person who naturally has the same disposition as the CEO and can reflect these values with everyone they interact with.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

Your five primary responsibilities will involve:

Some of the things you will be doing will include:

Location / Work Environment:

The CEO works out of his office in Williamsburg, VA.  This position requires a remote work arrangement. In other words, you’ll be working from home – or from your own office. That means…no dress code, no commute and flexible hours.  At a minimum, you’ll need to have a computer, reliable internet access, and a quiet work environment to take and make phone calls to be a fit for this job.

Part-Time Growing to Full-Time:

Initially, this is a part-time role starting at 20 hours per week. But this position is designed to grow quickly into a full-time role.

The Pay:

The first week is run as one-week trial. We do this so we can figure out whether it’s going to be a good fit or not. During this week, you’ll be paid $10/hr for your time, which will include your initial training. After the first week, if we decide it’s a good fit, you’ll receive $12 / hour during your first month. After your first month, you’ll be paid $15/hour on-going.


If you have experience in any of the following areas make note of them in your cover letter as they will be taken into consideration. These skills are a plus, but not necessary:

How to Apply:

We are a company that values growth and contribution and are committed to making a difference in our industry and the world.  We are looking for someone who shares our values and who would love supporting this unique business.  If this is you and you meet all of the above qualifications, please complete the form below.  Please do NOT email or mail your résumé or a cover letter.  The form on this web page is the ONLY way to apply for this position.

Thank you!

Exceptional Executive Assistant/Marketing Manager

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