Thank you again for ordering a copy of Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.   I can’t wait for you to put the concepts in my book to work.

And to hear about your success.

As a book buyer, I also want to offer a “bonus”…

Let’s schedule a private Fast Track Call so we can talk about your business.

Books are great, but sometimes you have questions.  You need some one-on-one help…someone to look over your shoulder.

After all, implementing ideas is more important than just reading about them.

You need a plan.

And the ideas in this book, when implemented properly, can literally be work hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenues.  And they can create a massive jump in your productivity.

So here’s the bonus…

If you’d like to talk about your business and how you can improve your client care, your marketing results and your productivity, let’s talk.

No cost. No obligation. No selling.

Just click hereto find a convenient time on my calendar.

We’ll spend a hour talking about YOUR BUSINESS.  And how you can move to your next level of success.

Ryan told me…

“Amazed at how you were able to deconstruct what I am doing in my business and offer spot on advice within an hour…a tick above extraordinary.”

I really like doing these calls.  And I’m really good at quickly helping you formulate meaningful strategies for improving your business.

Here’s the link to my calendar again.

To your continued success!



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