Drop the mic!

It’s day 18 of the Time Mastery Challenge and you’re going to love this day because it’s a quick exercise and it’s all about you.

Today, I want to continue building your ideal day or your ideal week depending on how you’re looking at the structure of your day-to-day/week-to-week activities.

As you might recall, we started by building with your clients, because clients should come first in your ideal day.

Yesterday, we built your client acquisition activities, planting seeds, into your ideal day.

You put two of the most important things you do as an advisor into your schedule first: spending time with clients and spending time with prospective clients. For most advisors, particularly if you’re active with clients (you haven’t taken on that CEO role), there isn’t a more important place for you to spend time in your business.

But to get there, you can’t forget about yourself.

So today, I simply want to encourage you to schedule time for you. You can’t hold all of those meetings. You can’t be ready for those calls, those emails, those texts,…those things that you’re doing proactively with your clients and prospects if you don’t plan time for them.

So, as you are getting ready each week, you need to schedule time for yourself.

The best way to do it is continue with the time blocking we’ve been doing as we’ve been building your ideal day.

Here’s the simple example based on trying to make each day of the week look similar. Again, I’m leaving Friday blank intentionally. What if you just built an hour or 90 minutes into your calendar each day to take care of activities that relate to upcoming appointments, research, or calls. You’d get them done more effectively, you’ll be able to do it in advance.

You won’t be waiting to the last minute.

You won’t be going into meetings unprepared because you’ve scheduled time for yourself. It’s critical.

Maybe you don’t like to talk to people on Monday’s, that’s the day where really you just want to spend time getting focused on that week. You could block the whole day off as time for you where you’re getting ready for things coming up in the upcoming week or the week after that.

The further ahead you plan, the better off you’ll be.

My simple assignment for you today is to schedule time for you. Continue working on your own calendar…your own ideal day. Use the blank calendar that we started with several days ago.

I want you to schedule time for you.

Build that time for you into that calendar and we’ll pick it up from there tomorrow.

Thanks for listening. Have a great day.


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