Boom! Time for the Time Mastery Challenge. Rob Brown here.

It’s day 17 and we’ll continue to focus on planting seeds daily.

If you’ll recall, I think it’s important that as you’re building out your ideal day you have part of your day dedicated to client acquisition. That way it doesn’t get forgotten, it doesn’t get stale, and your business continues to grow.

To do this, we’ve answered a series of questions.

Back on day 9, I asked you to count your active prospects. Who are your prospects? How many do you have?

On day 15, I asked you to calculate how many new active prospects you need to add to your existing active prospects so you can accomplish your goals for growth from business, from new assets, from new clients.

And then yesterday, I shared with you an exercise that would allow you to determine which client acquisition strategies will help you close the gap between where you are now with active prospects and where you need to be if you’re serious about accomplishing your goals.

Today, I want to break that down one step further.

I want to turn those strategies that you identified yesterday into activities so you can build them into your ideal day. Think about it, based on the strategies that you chose for adding new ultimate clients to your practice and building your pipeline…

How many meetings do you need to have each week? They could be in person, they could be virtual.

How many calls do you need to make each week? Those could be calls to new referrals, they could be follow-up calls to people that you’ve met with already.

What about your electronic communication? How many emails do you need to send? Or texts? Or if you’re using LinkedIn, have you built a connection request routine and time into your day?

A lot of advisors that I coach still write handwritten notes to selective clients and prospects. That could be part of the routine, part of the activities that you build into your ideal day.

If you’re using social media to share information with your connections on LinkedIn as an example, have you set aside time to be able to do that effectively each week or each day and not leave that strategy to chance?

If you’re a networker, what are the networking events that are important to you and how do you build those into your ideal day, your ideal week, or your month?

You truly need to block these activities off.

Make them a priority to make sure they get done so you have the right amount of time without stress, without having to think twice about it, and to really get the activities around planting seeds into your business each and every day.

Remember, I talked about building activities into your ideal day when we were talking about building your client time into your ideal day. I shared a calendar with you and I suggested that you start building out from a blank calendar. The same thing is true with client acquisition, with prospecting, with planting seeds.

You need to build client acquisition into your day.

Here’s an example. This just builds on one of the examples I shared with you in talking about putting your clients first. The yellow and light orange on this page represent the way that you could block off time for client acquisition, for prospecting activities.

I made it really simple here, just suggesting phone calls and appointments. But, as I mentioned a couple of slides ago, there are other activities that you could build into your days.

There’s no magic to an hour.

It doesn’t matter if you’re blocking off 15 minutes, a half an hour, or two hours. Whatever it might be, build these activities into your calendar. This particular example is for the person who’s trying to make each day look as close to the same as possible.

And, by the way, I’m intentionally leaving Friday blank.

But if you’re the kind of person that likes to have regular routines and it’s nice to have patterns on a day-to-day basis, this is how you might build your client acquisition, your planting some seeds activities into your week.

If, on the other hand, you don’t like to do the same things every day. You may like to have your days dedicated to specific activities. You might say, as in this example, that on Wednesday’s you’re going to focus on client acquisition activities. That’s where you block off the majority of your time for those calls and meetings and other activities. And Thursday’s just kind of a makeup day to throw those other activities in there.

But, whether you’re looking at having each day look similar or having each week look similar, in these examples, I’m trying to show you that there’s plenty of time in the course of a normal week to get these done …no matter which way you choose to do.

The critical thing is to build those activities into your ideal day.

So, your homework for tonight is to start turning those strategies into activities and continue filling out that blank calendar. Take that calendar and plugin those activities that will allow you to accomplish the goals that you’re trying to accomplish when it comes to client acquisition. Add the strategies that you’ve chosen that will help you fill your pipeline with good, active prospects who will, in turn, become ultimate clients.

It all comes together that way.

I hope you can see the simplicity of this process, but you have to commit to some discipline daily to really make it work out so you ultimately get the freedom that you’re looking for as you’re gaining control over your time. Spend some time working on your calendar tonight and we’ll pick it up from there tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.


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