[Transcription]  Here’s the thing, you have a great idea.

You know that if you get it right you’ll be able to operate your team with more efficiency, deliver a higher level of client service and really get your business growing.

Depending on where you are today, you’ll move to 50 million, 100 million, or 250 million dollars and beyond in assets under management.

And then you go, “oh no…how will I find the time?”

You’re wondering if you will ever get to your new idea.  And that’s why the first step of my AUM250 Roadmap is to help advisors move from overwhelmed to less stress.

Creating your ideal day.

As a reminder, the AUM250 Roadmap helps my clients, financial advisors and RIAs, take their practices to 50 million, 100 hundred million, 250 million dollars and beyond in assets under management without working crazy nights and weekends.

So, let me ask you where are you today?

Do you feel like you’re scrambling?  Are you trying to be all things to all people?  That’s the way a lot of practices are…especially when they first get started.  They’re usually on the way to their first 25 million dollars in assets under management.

Once you pass that level, you move from scrambling to feeling overwhelmed

The good news, you’re seeing signs of progress.  You pass the 50-million-dollar milestone.  You’re starting to make some real money. Your business is profitable. You just don’t feel like you have total control over your direction.

And then you cross over the 75-million-dollar plateau…. you’re approaching 100 million dollars. You’re thinking:  “hey this is great, things are really going well…but I want them to grow more quickly.”

You become impatient.

Time is still a little bit of an enemy, but it’s an enemy of impatience instead of an enemy of overwhelm.

Next, you blow through that 250-million-dollar milestone.

You’re dominating.  You feel assured. You take even greater pride in your business. You have greater personal freedom.  And your team works better together.

Bottom line…the journey of time mastery always begins with where you are today.

You must also understand that to get that time back, to feel more in control of what you’re doing, it only takes incremental changes. You don’t need to make huge changes in what you’re doing to get a bigger bang for the time that you’re spending on your business.

You simply need to find ways to get hours back into your days.

I see this all the time when I’m beginning to work with new clients…helping them work through the AUM250 Roadmap. We start with the basics, at the foundation.  We’re helping them create personal success formulas.  They get an hour and two hours back in their days.

This can be life changing.

That’s five and 10 and more hours back in their weeks…each and every week.  Then they’re able to implement the ideas they’ve been putting off.  The ideas they know will work, that we know will work, as they’re trying to go from a business that may be at a point of frustration to the business of their desires.

I was talking with an advisor (70-million-dollar RIA) a couple of weeks ago, he was all set to go forward in working with me.  He was excited.  And then, out of the blue, he shot me an email saying he didn’t have time to try anything new.

He was overwhelmed.

I quickly shot him a message: “You missed the point.  The first thing we’ll accomplish as we begin working together is get you some time back.  It’s step #1.”

Everybody faces time challenges.

I showed it to you just a couple minutes ago when I went through the hierarchy of growing your AUM.  Time can work against you if you don’t have a system for mastering the way that you spend your time.

For creating your ideal day.

As soon as my almost lost client got my message, he was back onboard.  We quickly went through the ideal day process as we started working together.

Within 30 days he had gained more than 10 hours back in his week (every week).

We did not turn things upside down.  We just pointed him towards doing those things that mattered the most to his productivity.  Delegating better.  And eliminating things that did not matter.

Do you need to create an ideal day?

Well, that’s a great reason to hop on the phone with me for a fast track strategy session.  We’ll spend 15 minutes talking about YOUR business.

I’ll show you how you can apply my AUM250 Roadmap to YOUR practice.

Many of my clients double their AUM every 18 to 36 months without spending tons of nights and weekends trying to get it all done.

I hope to talk to you soon.

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