I am glad you are here. My goal is to help you earn more with reduced stress so you can enjoy your life. I’ve helped advisors from major firms, regionals, independents and RIAs tranform their business.

If you are like most advisors, the day-to-day challenges of running your business can keep you from spending time where you need it most – working with your clients.

While being a top advisors for 29 years and coaching others to success, I identified 6 core stages that help you jump-start your production.

It will take your practice to new levels of success. Yes, you will earn more. But on top of that you will have less stress as you work through the stages. You will see referrals rise and new business opportunities emerge as you consistently exceed your clients expectations.

In brief, the six stages are:

  1. Define Your Client Segments
  2. Clarify your Client Management Process
  3. Build and Ongoing Client Communication Calendar
  4. Monitor Your Time Each Day
  5. Turn Your Clients into Advocates

Work through these six stages one at a time. Do them in the priority order you believe will make the biggest difference in your practice. There is one exception. You do need to define your client segments first. This becomes the cornerstone for the rest of the stages.

Challenge yourself to implement.

Most of the 7-figure producers I coach have 20% of their clients produce close to 90% of their income. You situation may be somewhat different. The main point is to segment. And you want go beyond raw asset numbers. To determine who are your top or ultimate clients, you might ask questions such as…




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