25 years ago this month…

I had my best month ever as a financial advisor.

My TRIPLET daughters were just a couple weeks old.  And an article in a copy Money magazine inOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA our pediatricians waiting room was screaming at me.

Something like…by time your kids reach college it’ll cost $240,000.

And for my wife and me…it would be times THREE.

Welcome to parenthood!

So I battened down the hatches.  And despite the sleeplessness of being a rookie dad, I became extra serious about my business.

It all boiled down to the right attitude and taking action.

The results were awesome.

Record new asset inflows.  Landed a couple huge new 7-figure clients.  And the first year fees tipped the scales.

I broke through a business plateau.

Those 30 days set my whole year and my career on a new trajectory.  I shifted gears.  It was a pivotal point in my career.

I was a better me.

Wow…it was like I should have triplets more often.  (We stopped with one set of three.)

I’ll NEVER forget that month.

Now, I’m not suggesting you need to have triplets.  Take on a gigantic mortgage.  Or create some other crazy incentive to achieve breakthrough results.

But I do recognize the danger of a plateau.

And with summer in full swing, it’s easy to take your business for granted.

Your inner debate may go something like…

…after a great first half to the year, I can let off the gas

…after a so-so first half, I need to take a few MONTHS to “reassess” my business

…after a lousy first half, I’m going to go hide in the sand


…killing your momentum

…wallowing in overly-complicated analysis

…hiding from your greatest challenges

…will NOT allow you to hit the targets you have for the rest of 2015.

These energy zappers keep you from being the best YOU can be.

BUT…you have control over what happens next.

YOU can double up on your first half success.  YOU can stop procrastinating.  YOU can leave those negative thoughts in the dust.

To get started, just ask yourself a handful of questions.

How will I feel on December 31st…

…when I end up having a record year?

…when I accomplish my most important goals?

…when my business is in better shape than it’s ever been before?

…when my business success translates into greater personal success and freedom?

…when my clients are singing my praises?

I’ll bet you’ll feel like a better you.

Like you shifted into a new gear.  Like the second half of this year was a pivotal period of your career.

Why wait to get the ball rolling?

The right attitude.  A mental picture of yourself succeeding.  And a simple, action-based blueprint are all you need.

Please let me know if I can help.  I have some open slots on my July calendar.  Let’s get together and talk about your business.

Just click here to claim your spot.


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