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Here’s why you want to make sure you attend and just some of what you’re going to learn when you show up…

  • Are you tired of all the DOL chatter? Learn how to structure your practice so you never really have to worry about the new rules.
  • Feel trapped by a limited flow of new leads? Discover how the best methods to expand your lead generation efforts this year without spending tons of money.
  • Wondering how the internet, websites and social media will impact your future success? Learn how to implement a few high value techniques that will put you ahead of the crowd.
  • Are you stuck in the rut of unproductive coffees, lunches and small dinners with prospects? Learn how to stop the endless battles with time you face while growing your business.
  • Do you feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions trying to be something to everyone? Simplify your prospecting efforts and begin to attract a steady, manageable flow of clients who appreciate your unique abilities.
  • Wondering how to stand out in a marketplace chocked full of “me too” advisors? Learn how to define your value so you to stand out to prospects and they easily recognize you as the best option.
  • Feel outgunned by the big, “name brand” advisors affiliated with large institutions? Find out how to fuel your growth even if other firms appear to have greater resources behind them.
  • Wonder if your business development efforts are being hindered by popular perceptions of advisor conflicts of interest, relevancy and on-line tools? Discover techniques to position yourself against “automated platforms” so your value stands out in a way that potential clients will be happy to pay for your help.
  • Frustrated because you feel like you’ve plateaued after so much time in the business? Learn how to transform your practice so you can kickstart your growth while still taking great care of all your current clients.

So be sure to arrive early, be ready to take notes, but more importantly, be ready to take action!

WARNING: I CANNOT guarantee that there will be a recording made of this training.

You may be asking “Why not?”

It’s simple… I want to reward folks that show up for the training, and I also don’t want recordings of this training floating around online.

Again, I’m excited to see you on the webinar!

See you there,

Rob Brown

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