Hi. Rob Brown of Encore Partners here.

When I get on the phone with potential clients sometimes and talk about what we need to do to help them move their advisory practices to new levels of success and I give them an idea, one of the common reactions I get is,

“You know, Rob, that’s nothing new. It’s nothing new. I can’t do that. It’s not new.”

And my first response is, “Have you tried it?”

It may not be new.

You may have heard about it before.

You may have even tried pieces of it.

But have you really given it a go?

And why would something that hasn’t even been designed yet, you never thought about before, work better?

Try the proven things.

One of the things that I help my clients do quite often is build an advocacy-based referral process.

I can’t tell you how often that creates radical success, radical growth in advisors’ businesses, when they take an old idea, apply a little bit of new technology in the form of social media, and they see their business grow immensely.

One of my clients grew his business, his AUM, by 50% over three months.

Another one added 25 referrals in two weeks and he hadn’t had referrals in months.

A third one received $18 million in referrals from an existing center of influence, just by trying something that wasn’t new.

Why do you throw away the stuff that’s working?

Why do you not try the things other people, who have been there before, have made work, work?

Just give it a try.

Don’t fall prey to “it’s nothing new”, because sometimes, that thing that’s right there at your fingertips is the easiest and fastest and simplest way to help you get to where you want to go.

Give it a try.

Thanks for listening.


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