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Learn how to focus on your highest impact activities.Face it…there is a constant battle for your time.  But when you know how to operate in your zone of high impact activities, you feel better about yourself, your business grows faster and your clients are better served.  During this program, you’ll literally learn how to get hours back in your days allowing you to spend your time where it matters most.


Develop a pipeline that leads to your most ideal prospects and clients.When it comes to client acquisition, a lot of lip service is paid to things like niche marketing, seminar selling, websites and social media.  Most programs, even the free ones, are costly because they don’t get results.  And they’re way too complicated.  We’ll show you how to develop simple (low or no cost) routines that produce consistent results within weeks.


Discover how to build a memorable, repeatable and referable client experience.The best businesses are built around their clients and the way they serve them.  Unfortunately, lousy client segmentation schemes, misconceptions around intergenerational planning and the onslaught of online (robo) competition has many advisors scrambling for the right balance.  We’ll teach you how to build a client service model that will make your clients feel special and help you grow your AUM.


A Practical, Proven​ System for Growing Your AUM without Working Long Nights and Weekends

No more “cutting and pasting” tips, tools and techniques that were never intended to work together.  No more bright shiny objects.  No more “experts” who don’t really understand your business.

Watch these videos to get a glimpse of what we’ll cover…

Daily Success Habits

Duration: 5h 37m

Building and sustaining daily success habits will take you and your team from overwhelm to less stress and greater productivity…getting hours back in your days.

Future Client Equation

Duration: 4h 37m

If you’re serious about working with clients who are ideal for you and your practice, your client acquisition routines need to move from uncertainty to specificity.

Unique Client Proposition

Duration: 8h 31m

In a crowded marketplace, it’s easy to look like everyone else…underselling your value.  You must tell a story that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Online Opportunities

Duration: 10h 36m

Websites, blog posts, LinkedIn networking and Facebook advertising are just a handful of places a little bad advice can lead to a lot of wasted time and money.

Building Advocacy

Duration: 3h 51m

Advocacy is a simple and elegant routine that leads to consistent, high quality referrals and introductions from clients, COIs and personal connection.

Quick Wins

Duration: 3h 13m

Sometimes we make prospecting too difficult.  We look for complicated solutions when the best answer is  right in front of us.  Don’t forget to look for “quick wins”.

Ultimate Client Experience

Duration: 16h 16m

The most successful advisors build their businesses around their clients and their service models. Done right, this process has a positive impact on every aspect of your business.

Expertise Engine

Duration: 3h 07m

The best way to go from being just a market player to becoming a true market leader is by leveraging your expertise to generate leads and new opportunities.

Personal Freedom

Duration: 4h 36m

Real freedom requires building a business that can operate without you.  And it’s a formula for maximizing the value of your practice…a built-in continuity plan.

Where are you today?  Where do you want to go next?

We’ll help you deploy a step-by-step system to achieve your next level of success.

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About the Creator

Rob Brown, a top-producing advisor for over 25 years, is the founder and principal of Encore Partners.  He is the author of “Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience”.  And he is the creator of the AUM Launchpad.


In addition to having led his own, highly successful investment and financial planning practice, Rob has served in several senior leadership roles within the financial services industry.  He has coached hundreds of elite advisors from dozens of advisory firms.


Rob’s one-on-one clients generally have at least $50 million under management with at least 50% of their revenues coming from fee-based assets.  His corporate clients include RIAs, broker-dealers and hybrid firms.


He develops and delivers sales, marketing and performance improvement strategies through coaching, training and speaking engagements.

Rob Brown – Successful Advisor, Author, Coach

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“So the last really nine months we’ve gone from about a ninety-five million dollar to about a two hundred million dollar company.”  “Rob understands the day to day…unique vision with where the whole thing is going industry wise.”

Michael Lutz, CFP®, Legacy Financial Strategies


Consistently fill your pipeline with qualified prospects…

“Rob Brown’s approach is a road map that takes the financial advisors to the promised land of how we should all be running our business and serving our clients. By working with Rob, I’ve moved my business from one with satisfied clients and limited referrals to one where my only problem is keeping up with the growth.”

Ron Dickinson, CPA, CFP®, MPA-Tax, Dickinson Investment Advisors


Keep it simple and take action…

“Rob’s common-sense approach to delivering client service is refreshing. No outlandish, high cost tactics – he keeps it simple and makes it actionable. I would not be at the level I am without his diligent approach and expertise!”

Patrick Bykerk, Raymond James

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