campfireYou think, “If my clients don’t bother me, then I won’t bother them.” I call this kumbaya financial advice. Everyone (you and your clients) is just sitting around the campfire singing that happy tune…

The market is up…yay…kumbaya.
The fed is accommodating…yay…kumbaya.
I hope this never ends…yay…kumbaya.
Oh yaaaay…kumbaya.

Then SOMETHING happens. And it’s not always a meltdown in the financial markets. Your clients’ lives crash headfirst with their (your) financial malevolence. Their portfolios and their plans are put to the test.

Kumbaya turns into finger pointing.

Think of it this way…lack of communication makes dealing with deaths, family crises, lost jobs and a laundry list of other possibilities harder. And at this point YOU shoulder the blame. After all, your clients put YOU in charge. Some relationships, even some you thought were impenetrable, are irreparably damaged and lost.

Ugh…if only you had tried harder to stick with your service model. If you have felt this way (or suspect you might in the future), get your hands on Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.


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