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Using Advocacy to Get Quality Referrals

Hi, Rob Brown of Encore Partners here again. Thanks for tuning in.

During my last video, I talked about a conversation that I’d been having with advisors following up on the release of my new book for advisors entitled, Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience. The challenge that I posed on that video was: Do you really need new clients? Many advisors that I work with don’t need new clients, they can leverage their existing relationships to grow their business. Those who do need new clients generally don’t need as many as they think they do.

But if you’re looking for new clients, if you’re doing all that you can to deliver a high level of service to your clients, you’re getting a good flow of referrals but you’d like to make it more steady, you get higher quality referrals, then I’d suggest what I’d call the “advocacy approach” to referrals. The advocacy approach is simply taking time before you meet with a client to research who they know that you believe would be a good client of your practice and then elegantly and in a very businesslike fashion, ask those ultimate clients for their help for introductions, telling you whether or not they think that person that you have mentioned would be a good fit for your business. Your ultimate clients will do that because they’re your ultimate clients not just for their money, they’re your ultimate clients because they enjoy working with you and helping you the same way that you enjoy working with them and helping them.

So give it a try, try advocacy and referrals can completely fill the gap that you have for new client relationships, eliminating a lot of wasted time and effort on crazy marketing campaigns.

Until next time, have a great day.


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