Does any of this sound familiar?

“Prospecting is becoming more difficult.”

 “It’s hard to deliver first class service and attract new clients with a full book.”

Getting in front of a potential “ideal client” as frequent as I would like to and finding the time to follow through…”

“I have trouble finding prospective ideal clients in the first place.”

“Getting past the natural apprehension current clients and referral sources have to help make introductions.”

Based on our recent polling, these are all VERY REAL challenges that you and other elite financial advisors express that you’re facing everyday.

So, you’re not alone.

Yet, as I continue to review what you’ve been sharing with me…

What stands out most is that you really…TRULY have a burning desire to make sure your clients are better off because they work with you.

You’re committed to transforming the lives of the clients you work with.

And that’s a problem.

Because you can’t help them if you can’t attract them.

Before you dismiss this as being “obvious”, re-read the quotes above…

You’re clear that you’re struggling.

You’re clear that you want to help more clients.

BUT you’d be wrong to assume that you’ll get different results if you continue doing the same old things when it comes to client attraction.

You need to throw out “I heard that worked.”  And replace it with the “I know this WILL work.”

We’re going to cover some of the ideas that work the best during our upcoming webinar.

But to get started, answer a few questions about your current client attraction efforts:

  1. How are you taking advantage of current market turbulence?  And make sure your system for helping clients achieve their goals is front and center with your most active prospects.
  2. Are you accepting clients who don’t fit your business?  Taking on small, non-ideal clients takes time, effort and money.  Time you should be spending on new “ultimate” client attraction.  There are more people who need your help than you could possibly serve…choose wisely.
  3. Do your current clients KNOW you’re open for new business?  Studies show that the biggest reason clients don’t give referrals is that they’re not asked.  You don’t need to be pushy.  But you DO need to make introductions easier for your current clients.
  4. How will you make client attraction part of your everyday activities?  No matter how you run your practice, you have daily opportunities to uncover new business.  Don’t push them off for another day…it may never come.

To help answer these questions, please join us for our upcoming web training…4 Steps To Attracting and Keeping Ideal Clients In Turbulent Markets.

Talk soon,

Rob Brown


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