There’s a big difference between saying you want to build a 100-million-dollar-AUM business and actually doing it.

Telling yourself you’ll eventually get to that level is not the same as reaching that milestone.

This may sound obvious.

But I talk to a lot of financial planners and RIAs who “talk” a good game.

They “think” they have 100-million-dollars in the bag.

They do NOT.

Their actions, efforts and attitudes don’t match-up. 

And sure, when you’re breaking through lower plateaus…like 50 or 60 million-dollars…a lot of good things are happening.

* You’re making more money than you ever have before.  Maybe more than you ever thought possible.

* You’re getting some attention & respect from your industry peers.  And maybe even getting some recognition in the local business community.

* You’re moving your office into new digs.  Gone are the days of settling for the nicest “Class C” space you can find.

* And you’re homelife feels more peaceful.  Cash flow has made many of your financial decisions much easier.

But here’s the thing:

You’ve said you want more.  You want to break through the 100-million-dollar level.

You know the 9-figure mark is more than an extra digit on the AUM scale.

At that level, you’ll have a BUSINESS that can stand on its own.

You’ll be more than a “good earner.”

You’ll OWN an even more scalable and saleable enterprise.

Your valuation metrics enter the big leagues.

Since I began coaching and advising advisors 17 years ago, I’ve seen A LOT of 100-million-dollar wannabes.

And if you’re comfortable just making a good living…that’s okay.

I’m NOT trying to knock you.

But if you tell yourself (and others) that you want to break through the 100-million-dollar mark because you have a grander vision for yourself and your business…


Don’t just talk about it.

The 100-million-dollar-AUM threshold is NOT an impenetrable barrier.

The biggest thing that wannabees have in common is that they have built their “businesses” only to support their lifestyle.

And this is exactly what has happened.

They have fallen so in love with what they have that they have stopped working towards what they really want.

If you want it…go for it.

But you must be willing to do things differently.

The tactics that allowed you to hit your first 50-million-dollars in AUM are very different than those you need to add your next 50-million-dollars.

And, for that matter, to reach 250-million-dollars and more.

(But that’s a story for another day.)

Right here.  Right now.

If you’ve set your sights on 100-million-dollars in AUM, here’s the 3-stage roadmap my clients use to get there (and beyond):

Stage #1 – Build a 100-million-dollar FOUNDATION.

This stage has 3 key ingredients…

1) Create a vivid mental image of what your 100-million-dollar success will look and feel like…PICTURE SUCCESS.

2) Clearly define your ideal client.  And calculate your FUTURE CLIENT QUOTIENT…the number of new ideal clients you need to reach the 100-million-dollars precipice.

3) Get crystal clear on your SUCCESS HABITS…the routines and rituals that will help you operate as the best version of yourself every day.


Stage #2 – Develop your system for 100-million-dollar ELEVATION.

Again, 3 critical elements…

1) Implement a SIGNATURE SOLUTION so your story is memorable, repeatable and referable.  Don’t rely on the tired industry lingo.  Set yourself apart from the crowd.

2) Build ADVOCACY among your clients, connections and influencers.  Shout your story from the rooftops.  Fill your pipeline with future ideal clients.

3) Master the art of SOLUTION SELLING.  Stop selling “plans” and “portfolios.”  Position yourself as an advisor who helps your clients overcome their greatest challenges and achieve their ultimate goals.


Stage #3 – Deliver 100-million-dollar MASTERY.

The final 3 ingredients…

1) As you continue to scale your business, you begin to see an ever-increasing number of recurring activities.  AUTOMATE them.

2) Put your DREAM TEAM on the court.  Surround yourself with teammates and strategic partners who share your vision.

3) Mastery requires a LEGACY mindset.  Act like you’re building a business that could eventually run without you in the driver’s seat.


…are the 3 stages of your roadmap to 100-million-dollars and beyond in AUM.

These stepping stones will give you the sustainability, income, and impact you’re looking for.

Instead of being a wannabee, I invite you to become the awesome advisor that’s lurking just beneath the surface.

You’ll build a 100-millio-dollar business that will last for years (even decades) to come.

No doubt…doing this will be hard at times.

But the rewards are WELL worth it.


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